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Grieving Out Loud:
Hosted by Angela Kennecke

A Mother Coping with Loss in the Opioid Epidemic

Listen to the PODCAST with Angela Kennecke interviewing our film's filmmakers Kay and Murray tell their story about making SURVIVORS and what it means to them.


Not One More Time, Inc. exists for the purpose of bringing awareness and perspective to the global crisis of drug abuse. We are focused on creating educational media directed at young people to prevent them from becoming ensnared in a cycle of addictive behavior, as well as creating ‘coping skills’ to educate parents in their struggle to assist their children, family members, and peers.


Established in 2018, Not One More Time, Inc. was established as an active non-profit foundation for the purposes of creating, packaging, and disseminating film, print and media educational content.

The motivation for its creation was due to the unfortunate loss of the two Founder’s 43 yr. old son to a drug overdose. They struggled to understand how this could have happened, and how it could have been prevented. Filmmakers by profession, they chose to channel their grief and turn their talents into creating a documentary that would expose the destructive path that opioids can cause in the lives of everyday normal people. The result is a critically acclaimed 54 min. documentary film entitled “SURVIVORS’.  It is the assembled stories of the journey to freedom from addiction.

Their mission is to produce more media and educational content that delves into revealing the largest epidemic in modern history that is hidden in plain sight!


Josh Benko was an accomplished jazz musician in New York City. He was well-loved and a kind and incredibly thoughtful person. He worked three jobs to pay his bills despite the addiction he struggled with for seven years.

In October of 2016, Josh spent two weeks at his mother, Kay Sumner's, home in Malibu, CA, 2,500 miles away from NYC, trying to get off the replacement medication that helped him stop the heroin use. He was 27 days clean, without drugs, and was attending A.A. daily. He would not go to N.A. due to the drug dealers who "hung out" outside the meetings handing out free samples. Then, on December 6th or 7th, the cravings overpowered him, and he made the fateful decision to "just do it one more time." It was his last time. He died on Dec. 7, 2016, of a heroin overdose at the age of 44, at the height of his career.



Where the Passion Begins

Kay Sumner



Kay Sumner is an Emmy Nominated Producer and Film Director. She has extensive production experience, including three Emmy nominations and two People’s Choice awards as the Co-Creator and Producer for The Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan.

She showcased her directorial debut with the documentary SURVIVORS (2021): UNTOLD STORIES IN AMERICA'S OPIOID CRISIS, detailing real stories of opioid recoveries and losses which has won multiple best feature documentary awards.

Murray Sumner.jpg



Originally from Canada, Murray Sumner has enjoyed an extensive career in the creative arts as a freelance professional photographer and later transitioning into film as a Set Decorator, working on several TV shorts features and an IMAX film as an Art Director.

Murray runs Not One More Time alongside his wife, Kay, and is the Executive Producer of the documentary SURVIVORS.

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