About Josh

Josh Benko was Kay's son. He died on Dec. 7, 2016, of a heroin overdose at the age of 44, at the height of his career. He was an accomplished jazz musician in New York City. He was well loved and a kind and incredibly thoughtful person. He worked three jobs to pay his bills despite the addiction he struggled with for 7 years.


In October of 2016, he spent two weeks at Kay's home in Malibu, CA, 2,500 miles away from NYC, trying to get off the replacement medication that helped him stop the heroin use. He was 27 days clean, without drugs, and was attending A.A. daily. He would not go to N.A. due to the drug dealers who "hung out" outside the meetings handing out free samples. Then, on December 6 or 7, the cravings overpowered him & he made the fateful decision to "just do it one more time." It was his last time. And we will never see him again.


The photo poster below was signed by over a 100 of his peers who loved him and his talent very much at a hasty memorial at a jazz club in NYC.


This is Josh Benko's personal website, go check it out: https://www.joshbenko.com/home


And this is an article by Jazz Foundation of America about Josh and his accomplishment: